Who is MindGuru Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS?

  • Dr. Sudhir Arora is an awakened soul. For the last more than 4 decades he has been guiding people for stammering, psychological and career problems.

  • He is the ONLY MBBS doctor in the whole of India who is working in the field of stammering without any speech therapy or medicines.

  • He does this through his 7 Mind Secrets Course.

  • He has a unique and one-of-a-kind exceptional experience of counselling and coaching cases from all over the world.

  • Initially it used to be offline in Pune. But eversince Covid pandemic happened it is now done ONLY ONLINE through Zoom.

  • His highly specialized forte is in helping very serious and extremely serious cases of various problems like stuttering who have been suffering for many, many years or those who could not be cured elsewhere.

  • Dr. Sudhir Arora did his MBBS in first class from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, Delhi University in 1979………

What is his real forte?

  • His forte is his uncanny ability to provide very practical solutions to your complex personal and professional problems in very easy steps.

  • Thus, all the techniques that Dr. Arora teaches in his training are absolutely and well-tried, time-tested & well-proven.

  • He combines the best of the highly effective Indian spiritual values with the highly efficient Western work culture.

  • They all come from his own life’s practical experience.

  • There are no high sounding words or clichés.

  • All are very easy to understand and practice by any one, any time, any where.

What is a typical group of participants like?

  • His mind power training course is ideally suitable for students / executives of lower and middle level / all professionals / business persons / housewives and ambitious success-oriented people like you.

  • A typical group would have engineers, IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, architects, chartered accountants, business persons, students and housewives.

  • They would have all come together only for one purpose, ie. to solve their personal and professional problems so as to experience the flowering of their consciousness………

When can I start seeing the results of his mind power training

  • If you practice properly the mind power techniques as taught to you, then the results start becoming self-evident from the day 1 itself!!!………

What about his open-house training on 7 Mind Secrets for everyone?

  • In 1994 he, along with his soul mate Mrs. Madhushree Arora, founded Hope Academy in the city of Pune in western India to spread abundant happiness to all people.

  • Since then in his mind power training sessions the participants have been discovering the amazing - yet so easy and simple - secrets to live a confident, stress-free and successful life.

  • In 1998, Hope Academy expanded and was incorporated into Hope Academy Pvt. Ltd.

  • People from all walks of life, of all ages and both genders have immensely benefited from the simple pearls of wisdom of his training in his open, public sessions………

What is the special thing about Dr. Arora's online group coaching sessions ?

  • All his personal & group sessions are tailored to the participants’ specific needs.

  • All his personal & group sessions are down-to-earth and practical. They focus on the specific issues that are important to the participants.

  • All his personal & group sessions are totally result-oriented and are designed to solve your personal problems………

How is Dr. Arora different from other counsellors or motivational trainers?

  • In its Infinite Wisdom, life first gave Dr. Arora a lot of complex problems in his personal and professional life.

  • He desperately wanted to come out of his emotional, inter-personal, health and financial problems.

  • In his quest to seek out their right workable solutions, he read and digested more than 700 books from his personal library on human mind and human behavior.

  • He also underwent various self-growth workshops of many facilitators. He owes a very d-e-e-e-e-e-p gratitude to each of those great people who touched his life during his years of agony.

  • In this most beautiful journey he was very fortunate to have learnt and mastered many mind power Spiritual practices.

  • In this process life blessed him with the ultimate mind secrets to solve the day-to-day problems of human life most effectively.

  • So he learnt the right mind power techniques to lead a happy and successful life all by first experiencing them himself.

  • Thus, nothing is bookish about his mind power training and techniques.

  • It all comes from his heart because it all comes from his actual life experiences. That’s why it is so different and so much effective………

Can I get rid of my problems really in your online course?

  • Yes, surely very very much.

  • The results of our online mind power training through Zoom are the better than offline mind power training in Pune because you also get Dr. Arora's videos with life-time access in our group coaching through Zoom.

  • This is a huge advantage to all our participants from all parts of the world now.

  • It is because you can practice all our mind power techniques any time, anywhere at your own convenience.

  • All the results depend your own practice of the various mind power skills that Dr. Arora will be teaching you………

OK. I am fully convinced now. How can I join your online course now?

  • Just Call us now and talk to Dr. Arora directly on his Whatsapp numbers

+91 93 71 01 95 17 or 98 90 93 08 15.

  • He has helped thousands of people in the past and will surely and definitely help you too………