What is Confidence?

  • You must have heard the word ‘Self-confidence’ but never the word ‘other-confidence’! Why?

  • Because you have confidence only when you are centred in your Self – that is your True Self or Higher Self or Spiritual Self or God Within.

  • It can never be borrowed from outside from others.

  • Yes, you can certainly get inspired by the talks or actions of some other persons for some time. They may be your parents, boss or friends. You may even do some great heroic actions due to their motivation.

  • But this confidence is very temporary, needs constant dependence upon that external motivational authority and makes you a slave of that authority.

  • You might be an MBA or a PhD slave. You might become a rich slave. But a slave is a slave is a slave. And a slave is never happy! ………

I agree with you. Deep inside I too feel the same thing. Then how to gain that real self-confidence?

  • Great! This awareness is itself is the right beginning of a new exciting journey – the discovery of a new empowered confident ‘You’!

  • Now the next step is to find the techniques to go from your superficial conscious mind to the deepest Infinite Super-conscious Mind.

  • Then you spontaneously become centred in your True Being- also called God Within or the Divine Centre.

  • If your own God is with you, then who can be against you? That’s why getting to experience your own True Centre or Spiritual Self gives you a state of permanent self-confidence.

  • This self-confidence is your confidence and is not borrowed from someone else.

  • It cannot be shaken away from you in any adverse situation then………

Can I also learn this art?

  • Yes, certainly! Those people whom you admire for their self-confidence are the fortunate ones who have mastered this art of touching their Divine Centre.

  • You too can learn how to be centred in your Spiritual Self in just the blink of an eye. The only requirement is your burning desire to achieve that ‘State’………

But I do feel very confident at times even though I have not experienced what you call Infinite Super-conscious Mind?

  • Right! Please understand that at times unconsciously you tune yourselves unknowingly into a state where you just connect to your God Within.

  • It only happens by itself, you don’t do it consciously. It is just the proof and the evidence that you need.

  • It just shows you that 'Yes, I sometimes do touch that mysterious power within me and feel so good and so sure about my life then.'

  • If this is the result gained unconsciously, then how much power and self-confidence you can have within you if you follow some advanced mind power techniques consciously with awareness?

  • It’s something mind-boggling! ………

Please explain.

  • At the level of your superficial conscious mind you just cannot feel confident because the conscious mind is the logical, analytical and doubting mind.

  • It doubts everything – even itself!

  • That’s why you feel at times very confused. At that time, you don’t know what is right and what is wrong.

  • It’s not your fault at that time. It’s just your judgmental and questioning conscious mind playing hide and seek with itself, that’s all!

  • Conversely, sometimes you also feel great, confident and so sure about yourself. At that time, you have somehow intuitively touched your God Within. But it is an art that anyone can learn and master any time………

What really do I have to do then?

  • First of all, start today itself. Just don’t postpone any further.

  • Now go to your past. See your track record in the last few years. Pick up those sweet memories when you felt very sure and confident about your life.

  • Find out what exactly made you ‘click’?

  • You simply go through your confident times with fun and delight without bothering about any analysis of that situation. Simply re-live those moments and enjoy the thrill.

  • Ask a question [loudly will be better] to your God or Holy Book or Any Higher Power that you believe in: ‘O God, can You please show me the right way to connect to my Divine Centre?’

  • Ask this question 3 times:

  • One, when you are reliving those happy moments;

  • Two, just before sleeping every day with eyes closed for 3 days;

  • Three, again for 3 days, first thing in the morning with eyes closed the moment you realize that you have just woken up.

  • Start keeping a pocket diary and a pen with you 24x7.

  • Very soon some intuitive flashes will start happening to you. You will start getting the right answers.

  • You will ‘know’ they are from your Super-conscious Mind because they will feel so right, so true! No other proof will be needed by you then………

What if it does not happen immediately?

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