My moods keep on fluctuating and I feel very confused usually. What must I do to lead a normal life?

  • This is nothing abnormal. It happens to most people quite often.

  • The reason why you are feeling bad about this is that you are more sensitive as compared to most other people.

  • Depending upon their sensitivity and emotional reactions to situations, human beings in any population are of basically 5 types:

  • E: Extremely insensitive: About 2% of people

  • D: Less than moderate - Quite insensitive: About 15% of people

  • C: Moderately sensitive: About 66% of people

  • B: More than moderate - Quite sensitive: About 15% of people

  • A: Extremely sensitive: About 2% people


2% 15% 66% 15% 2%

E People

  • They are grossly insensitive about their own as well as other people’s feelings.

  • They are used to suppressing and denying their own heartfelt soft and tender feelings.

  • They are like the cold-hearted Alexander, Genghis Khan, Hitler, dictators, serial murderers, rapists, etc………

D People

  • They are not so stone-hearted. But their sensitivity is less than the average human being’s sensitivity.

  • They are quite selfish and can manipulate people or hurt them easily for their narrow gains.

  • With their twisted logic, they justify their actions to themselves and others without feeling any remorse.

  • Pimps of prostitutes, exploiters of child labor, gangsters, dons, habitual wife-beaters, pedophiles, etc. fall in this category………

C People

  • They are the normal average ‘common man’. They are moderately sensitive to their own and others’ soft feelings.

  • They feel love, compassion, and gratitude to a good extent. They often go out of their way to help others.

  • They love, fight, argue, win and lose like most other average human beings. Yet they can easily suppress and deny inconvenient truths.

  • A typical example will be of a middle-class ambitious professional who is insensitive to the sea of human degradation and misery all around him in a metro like Mumbai.

  • He is also insensitive to his wife’s needs for his time and attention.

  • His only focus is more and more career progress………

B People

  • They are more than average sensitive to human feelings.

  • They are quite aware of their feelings and also feel for others’ happiness.

  • They very often go out of the way for uplifting the lives of other human beings.

  • Best examples are the social and environmental activists, motivational trainers, spiritual organizations, etc………

A People

  • They are very rare. They are highly sensitive to soft human emotions.

  • They understand others’ suffering very empathically. Even small fluctuations get noticed by them.

  • Most often they are into meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

  • They easily gravitate towards social and ecology work.

  • You feel confused because you are more sensitive, that’s all. Alternatively, you also feel moody and confused if you have been leading a highly stressful life.

  • You need to manage your stress and tensions more effectively. Your disturbance will settle down by itself very soon………

Is there some problem with my mind or is it something else?

  • There is nothing especially wrong with your mind as such. The human mind itself is a confusing instrument!

  • Your human M.I.N.D. has following 4 definite characteristics:

M – Monkey Thoughts

  • Monkeys keep on jumping from this tree to that tree. They just cannot sit still for some period. They just cannot remain peaceful.

  • Same way your mind is a crowd of monkeys. These monkeys cannot remain stationary on anyone thought. They keep on jumping from thought to thought. What do you feel? Do you agree?

  • These monkeys are always quarreling with each other. That’s the reason why most of the thoughts are contradictory to other thoughts.

  • For example, your one mind wants to go to your friend’s birthday party.

  • But another mind tells you that the next day you have your exams and you must not waste any time.

  • So you are divided because your mind is like a divided house.

  • Similarly, your one mind wants to reduce weight and commits to getting up early morning every day for walking and yoga.

  • But when the time comes to get up early another mind within you wants to sleep for just another half hour.

  • Again, the same contradiction!

  • Just be sensitive enough to watch closely. You’ll find that there is a huge amount of inner conflict taking place within your mind at any given time because of such mutually antagonistic thoughts.

  • Such inner conflicts suck your energy right since morning every day.

  • This makes you feel foul and cranky. Then you can be upset easily by anybody on very petty issues.

  • The tragedy starts unfolding when you start finding scapegoats for your own mind’s energy-sucking games.

  • You start finding faults with other human beings. You blame them for your mind’s troubles.

  • But the same game is played by other people too. You find fault with them; in return, they find fault with you.

  • A football game starts – you kick…they kick…you kick…they kick… and the silly game of arguments and counter-arguments goes on the day every day.

  • Do you see the reality? No one is troubling anybody.

  • It’s your mind which is playing this dirty game of bitterness and self-destruction because like monkeys it just cannot remain peaceful………

I – Incomplete, Insecure, Inadequate, and Inferior

  • In the same instant, your mind can either see the top or the bottom. The same way it can see the left but not the right.

  • If it sees the right then it loses the view of the left.

  • If it sees you going from point A to point B, then it cannot see you coming towards point B from point A in the same moment.

  • Thus, your mind inherently cannot see the whole reality at any given time.

  • So it always feels incomplete and hence insecure. This further leads to a feeling of inadequacy and inferiority within you.

  • It’s like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. This insecurity and incompleteness is a part and parcel of your life in every moment.

  • The instrument of the mind itself is designed by our Creator like this.

  • But you blame other people or some circumstances for your anguish. You feel that they are making you feel insecure or inferior.

  • Then you expect that other people will provide you that security and completeness.

  • However, they too are equally insecure and incomplete.

  • They are expecting the same thing from you! It’s like a beggar begging from another beggar!

  • As long as you fulfill each other's expectations to some degree at least, your relationships remain very loving and friendly.

  • But for most of the deep expectations both the parties feel cheated and let down.

  • You cannot fulfill their expectations and they fail to come up to your expectations.

  • These unfulfilled expectations then lead to frustrations and interpersonal conflicts.

  • Like a father keeps on expecting that his bright son should get 90% marks in science.

  • But the son’s mind has dreams of his own. He is more interested in music. The result is the inevitable conflict.

  • Similarly, the growing-up teenage daughter wants to go to parties now.

  • But the parents are worried about any misadventure. Plus, they have to consider ‘What will people say?’

  • There are going to be huge clashes now for the coming decade.

  • Such silly games are happening all over the world. The problem is not the people but the human mind itself!………

N – Never Fulfilled

  • Human mind can never feel fulfilled. It is its inherent manufacturing defect.

  • It will always focus more on ‘glass is half-empty' or what is missing or what is wrong or what is not being given.

  • It just cannot feel contented with its countless blessings and beautiful things already present.

  • As a result, you feel that your hardships in meeting others’ demands with ever-rising worries are not being appreciated by other people.

  • The same feeling they are having for you!

  • Nothing has changed really because the human mind’s focus on the negative has not changed………

D – Divided, Doubtful

  • Your mind oscillates between various extremes.

  • Whatever it does it questions itself after some time. Hence it is always divided between this and that, to be or not to be.

  • It just does not trust itself. Therefore, it does not trust others too.

  • This is not bad by itself. In fact, in life, it is good to be cautious. But it is bad to be overcautious.

  • This divided nature of the human mind causes you to feel confused and moody.

  • So you can see where the problem lies. It’s not you dear, it’s the human mind………

So what is the remedy?

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