Unleashing The 3 Mind Powers!

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What are the various mind powers to overcome stammering?

  • Your mind has 3 very distinct mind powers:

The 10% conscious mind

The 90% subconscious mind

The Infinite Super-conscious mind

1. The 10% conscious mind

  • Your mind is like an iceberg floating in an infinite ocean: the outer visible 10% and the inner invisible 90%. The outer 10% part is your conscious mind.

  • It works only when you are awake and works upon logic, reasoning and analysis. It’s working right now while you are going through these pages.

  • Somewhere at the back of your mind a constant self-talk, a continuous chatter is going on right now.

  • At times you agree with us; at some other time you tend to disagree; at times you have some doubt; at some other time you compare your past knowledge with what you read right now; at another time a question arises, etc., etc….

  • All this is the game of your doubting and questioning 10% conscious mind………

2. The 90% sub-conscious mind

  • But then who controls your respiration, circulation or digestion? Who controls the other most vital 98% of your body functions? It’s not done logically or consciously by you.

  • It’s done by the inner, hidden and illogical 90% part, called the sub-conscious mind. It is the emotional mind and has no logic.

  • It is the store-house of each and every memory of your life.

  • In fact, each and every second of your life – right from your conception to till date – has been permanently recorded as a mental file in your 90% sub-conscious mind!

  • It silently controls practically all your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

  • It works all the 24 hours behind the screen, even in your sleep!

  • It’s the most beautiful gift given to you by your Creator! Only you are not aware of its huge potential………

3. The Infinite Ocean of The Super-conscious mind

  • The sub-conscious mind connects you to the dark and mysterious The Ocean of Limitless Infinite Intelligence within your Self.

  • This is also called The Super-conscious Mind, Soul, One Great Mind, The Universal Mind, The Infinite Intelligence, The Highest Intelligence, The Cosmic Energy, The Universal Consciousness or The God-energy.

  • It is the Actual Limitless Source of all your energy, all your intelligence and all your intuition………

How does this knowledge help us really?

  • Using only your logical mind creates only more problems for you throughout your life.

  • It’s because d-e-e-e-e-e-p inside yourself you feel separated and lonely from the Whole Human Consciousness.

  • Please note that you can overcome your problems permanently ONLY by connecting to The Super-conscious Mind. This is the only permanent way of feeling secure, confident and happy in every situation of your life.

  • Connecting to The Highest Intelligence using the right techniques immediately starts opening up your higher spiritual centers, called Energy Chakras.

  • It is followed by the flowering of your hidden energies – thus creating great success and abundance in every field of your precious life………

Do we all have these 3 mind powers?

  • Yes, of course. Please understand that your conscious and sub-conscious minds are unique to you and you alone.

  • However, The One Super-Conscious Mind is common to all human beings, plants, animals, stones, planets, stars and galaxies.

  • In fact, as shown by all the religions as well as quantum physics, this Universal Mind Energy is the very stuff which makes this whole universe exist and run around.

  • This is not some mumbo-jumbo that we are telling. It’s our own personal life’s daily experience. It’s also the experience of thousands of people like you who learnt these easy-to-learn and easy-to-practice techniques from us during the last so many years………

What is the basis of your training then?

  • To achieve your BIG personal and professional goals you need to have lots of energy to handle the problems, setbacks and difficulties on the way.

  • The more easily you are able to solve these problems, the more happy and successful you become. Do you agree?

  • Now you know very well that by the laws of physics the output cannot be more than the input of energy. That is why if your inner reserves of energy are low because of any reason then surely you just cannot solve your problems and they become monster obstacles stopping you from realizing your dreams.

  • Conversely, if you learn the simple techniques which show you how to have perpetual high levels of inner energy then you can solve any small or big problems quite easily. Isn’t it?………

So what should be my first daily priority then?

  • It is to first create high energy levels within you for your inner flowering instead of trying to beat the problems with low levels of energy.

  • What do you feel? Will it not be easy for you then to solve your problems and achieve your BIG goals?

  • Our training course on ‘7 Mind Secrets’ connects you deeply to your Super-conscious Mind which is The Source of All Infinite Energy.

  • It thus liberates you from all your procrastination, negative attitudes and self-limiting beliefs. You are then able to achieve all your BIG goals confidently with little stress………

Is your emphasis more on Indian or Western culture?

  • Both. Why to have only one? Why not absorb the best from everywhere? So you learn the combination of the best of the highly effective Indian Spiritual Values plus the highly efficient Western Work Culture.

  • Thus you get a complete holistic solution to your problems………

What happens when we unleash our mind powers?

  • This workshop embarks upon tapping the Limitless Source of the Highest Intelligence to your competitive advantage in your personal as well as professional life.

  • It will give you the tools and techniques of tapping the secrets of the hidden powers of your and your people’s minds. In today’s difficult times it then becomes your most competitive edge………

What if I want faster results as I really want to come out of my complex stammering problems now?

  • Then you are most welcome to contact Dr. Arora. Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is an awakened soul and will help you personally without any medicines or surgery to solve your complex problems through his training. He has already helped many many many stammering people like you to Speak Clear, Without Fear, Everywhere.

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